What is EVOLVEclubs?

EVOLVEclubs is the comprehensive system for schools that are looking to improve the planning, provision and management of their extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Whether you are looking for ways to make it easier for staff to take registers, methods to improve club attendance monitoring, tools to streamline the process of seeking and recording parental consent, systems to improve and simplify parental communication, or simply looking for ways to reduce the administrative burden often associated with the management of bookings and payments, then EVOLVEclubs is the answer.

As well as providing schools with a wealth of previously unobtainable information and data about the opportunities on offer and participation rates, EVOLVEclubs reduces the time and money spent on co-ordinating and managing school clubs and activities and can easily pay for itself year on year.

Are you searching for...

  • A quicker way to take registers?
  • Ways to improve attendance monitoring?
  • An online tool to seek and record parental consent more easily?
  • A system to improve and simplify parental communication?
  • A way to reduce the administrative burden associated with the management of bookings and payments?


Easy, Anywhere, Anytime

Add and manage club details from mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Central Record

Central record makes for easy access and monitoring.

Student Information

Parent contact details, medical info etc. all brought together to ensure organisers have the information they need at their fingertips.


All registers are centrally stored so attendance can be monitored at any time by staff and parents.


Advertise your club & activity programme and share further details and attachments with students & parents.


Online booking system allows parents to book places, and staff to manage waiting lists.


Send template or bespoke consent forms to parents for completion online. Easily monitor returned forms and make the entire management process easier, faster and more reliable and efficient.


Send emails and text messages to parents without the need to use any third party communication system, or ever having to create an email or call groups again!


Set up bills for parents, monitor online payments, track outstanding bills, and send payment reminders without the need for a third party payment system.

Student Profile

Monitor levels of student participation and attendance - essential information for student reports and reviews.

Cohort Tracking

Track engagement by year group & tutor group, as well as by various key student data such as Pupil Premium, FSM and “in care”.

Club Monitoring

Monitor club attendance rates to identify popular choices to help inform future provision planning and analyse attendee demographics.


Fully hosted system and no software to download or install. Minimal impact on your IT demands or infrastructure.

Safe & Secure

Powered by our advanced UK-housed dedicated server suite to ensure full compliance with UK Data Protection laws, security and accessibility.

EVOLVE Integration

Integrates with other EVOLVE systems for easy set-up. Staff can use the same log on credentials to access all EVOLVE systems, making it easier for schools to deploy joint-up systems.

MIS Integration

MIS integration ensures that staff accounts can be automatically created and disabled, and student details (e.g. contact info, medical details etc.) can be displayed directly within EVOLVEclubs.

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