What is EVOLVEplus?

Any school that accesses EVOLVE via their Local Authority or Trust can add the EVOLVE+ package to their system. If you have purchased EVOLVE directly from eduFOCUS then all of the EVOLVE+ features are already included in your system.

EVOLVE+ is an optional suite of features designed to further assist schools and colleges in the operational management of all opportunities for learning outside the classroom. These features have been designed in a modular, flexible way so that you can choose which features to use.

How can I use EVOLVEplus?

  • Synchronise Staff and Participant data from your MIS to EVOLVE automatically
  • Automatically include student data (e.g. medical details, parental contact details etc.) on event registers
  • Incorporate key staff members through Outline Approval
  • Gather and record consent online
  • Send text message and emails to parents and carers
  • Authorise your device for quick access to EVOLVE
  • Configure Calendar Feeds to share information externally


MIS Link

Synchronise Staff and Participant information from your MIS such as SIMS and iSAMS with EVOLVE


Gather Consent via email, keep central records and access completed consent forms anywhere, anytime.

Outline Approval

Involve key staff members such as Cover and Finance Managers in the early planning stages of an educational visit

Shared Calendars

Create calendar feeds to give non-EVOLVE users, such as parents/carers or governors, access to visit and activity information

SMS & Email Tool

Allows staff to send SMS and emails to parents and carers based on visit registers, directly from EVOLVE. M2M also means you can send one SMS to a group of contacts directly from a mobile phone – ideal when you are 'out and about'!

Authorised Device

Users can authorise their mobile phone, tablet or any internet-enabled device for quick and easy access to EVOLVE

Why do people choose EVOLVE+?

  • No long term commitment
  • Low cost, no setup fee
  • 6 features for the price of one when compared with other systems available
  • Reduce costs associated with printing, paper, photocopying & post
  • Improve day to day management of activities in schools
  • Automatically update staff and student details
  • Can be added to any existing EVOLVE system
  • Include additional information on Visit Registers such as Medical Details
  • Improve Staff confidence by ensuring student details are automatically updated in EVOLVE
  • 100% web based – EVOLVE+ requires no software installation at school

Get started with EVOLVEplus today.

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3. You're good to go!


Use EVOLVEplus to improve day to day management of visits and activities.